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In the uncertain economic times of today, we find members of our
communities struggling in areas of personal financial literacy. Jourdan Accounting has made it our goal and part of our mission to education members of our communities in those areas of financial management that will ensure financial success by offering empowerment financial courses and continued support after attending our courses. Below are a listing of courses and course dates.

Personal Finance

The only way to financial freedom is through education and action. We have assembled a comprehensive Personal Financial Literacy courses that not only gives you the basics of financial management and the continued support which will be required accomplish your financial goals for years to come, but a realistic approach to debt elimination. We truly understand that in most cases, it takes more than information to change the internal attitude towards financial matters. It takes ongoing support, motivation and encouragement. We are prepared to be your ongoing resource.

Credit Repair — Debt Elimination — Wealth Building

Small Business Start-Up

Jourdan Accounting, LLC has brought together the resources you as a potential business owner will need to get your business started. Whether you’re sitting down to write your business plan, wondering about your legal obligations, or researching your financing options, you’ll find the information you need in our Small Business Start-Up course. We cover topics such as writing a business plan, preparing your finances to before you start your business, finding a mentor or counselor in your business area, business law and regulations, licenses and permits, and marketing your new business.

Small Business Finance

In today’s economic times, business owners and potential business owners alike must be intellectually prepared for financial success.
The Small Business Finance course offered by Jourdan Accounting, LLC covers the financial aspects of small business entrepreneurship for owners of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and small nonpublic corporations. Focus is placed on: updated financial statement coverage, financial budgeting and formulas, and the use of financial statements for horizontal, vertical and ratio analysis. Practical applications will include the time value of money and a computerized spreadsheet primer using Microsoft Excel.

Small Business Quickbooks Training

Professional Training

In recent years, the number of tax preparation firms in the U.S. has grown and will continue to grow in years to come, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As well, competition for tax services jobs will increase. If you wish to gain seasonal employment in a tax preparation firm or start a tax preparation business, a credential in tax preparation will help distinguish you and you business from your peers. While a tax preparation certification cannot guarantee a job or increase in pay or revenue, it can demonstrate that you’ve achieved a level of knowledge and experience recognized by a reputable institution in the tax preparation field.

Jourdan Accounting has been training potential tax preparers and enhancing the broad knowledge base of experienced tax professionals for more than 5 years. Our tax preparer training programs have been tested and proven to be detailed and proficient.

Comprehensive Tax Training

Jourdan Accounting offers a comprehensive tax training course that prepared individuals for a career within the tax preparation industry.

Compared to other tax preparation courses, the course we offer has been considered to be equivalent to a college course presented within a short period of time and design to out perform other tax preparation courses that merely instruct the student the basics of tax preparation and tax preparation software navigation.

disclaimer: Course offering is to be determined.